The Roswell Encounters
Adventure stories
, written in 2246, are based on the Roswell Files which were discovered on Earth’s twin-planet Consobrina. The files describe extraterrestrial contacts with Earth since the middle of the 20th Century.

The adventure stories are based on the contacts with twins Jack and Sophie Donovan and describe how they used the power to communicate with each other telepathically to fight massive, evil conspiracies.
The twins' first adventure, Olympic Mind Games, is now available to purchase in bookshops and on-line.

Olympic Mind Games

It’s 2012. Britain is gripped by Olympic Games Fever but the world is in terrible danger.
Jack Donovan (aged 13) is the only person who knows. He has to hide out in the safest place in the UK – London’s Olympic Village – if he is to emerge from the shadow of his super-achieving twin sister and defeat the forces committed to the world’s destruction.

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